Micronamin Sports Nutrition

"We exist to serve those who have, and are serving in uniform by donating a portion of all proceeds to veteran based, non-profit organizations"

-Team Micronamin


Brian Pankau - Strong Fit Living

I'm a personal trainer, online coach, and freelance writer covering the topics of fitness and nutrition. 


JT Spratley -Go Live Lively

Go Live Lively is meant to provide a hub of awesome resources about two major areas of our daily lives, technology and health, to minimize a lot of guesswork that occurs when trying to “Google DuckDuckGo” the best reputable information about a specific topic or project.


Ashley Lewis - Ashley Fit Girl Life

Hey Fitfam! My name is Ashley.  I am here to help you transform your body and mind from a lazy procrastinator, to an energetic motivator.

Health and fitness is more than just a diet, and working out every day.

It's a lifestyle that you choose to live, with a journey you can lead for others to follow.